RMHS Selects Spring Team


Welcome to the home page of the 1st Annual RMHS Selects Elite Hockey Teams

The RMHS staff is excited to announce our first RMHS Selects Elite Hockey program. This program will be offered in Colorado for the players playing at the 12U & 14U age groups in the 2019/2020 season. 

The RMHS staff will be running one program this year with two different age groups. These two teams will be for the 14U & 12U age groups and all the on and off-ice development will be ran out the Edge Ice Arena and the Stephen C. West Ice Arena. Both of the teams will have 4 team weekends with all the ice time on Saturday and Sundays. The team will also work on scrimmaging other in state tournament teams before heading to Chicago, Illinois for the annual Dragons Lair Tournament the weekend of TBA. 

Below you will find sample practice schedules, prices, and tryout dates for this program. Come join our professional staff for the ultimate chance to develop your game to the next level! 

2019 RMHS Selects Spring Program Flyer

Staff - Click name for specific bio details

Bryan Smith - RMHS Director of Hockey Operations  
Jesse Davis - RMHS Camp Director 
Dylan Bozeman - RMHS Head Instructor
Sady Tobin - RMHS Camp Director
Roger Bradley - RMHS Lead Instructor
Billy Barto - RMHS Head Instructor 
More TBA Soon

Tryout and Team Information

Each one of our teams will be picked through a tryout process that will be evaluated by our professional staff. The players that will have the opportunity to play on the teams will be made up of 15 players and 1 goaltender on the tournament team and up to 15 practice players and two practice team goaltenders additional to the tourney team roster. The tryout fee of $50 will be collected on the day of tryouts at the check-in process. Payments accepted will be check or cash only. 

Aquired Playing Level

The RMHS staff is looking for players that can play at the Tier II level or have the ambition to play at that level. The players will be pushed and developed in this program so be sure if you want to be involved that you have the desire to learn what it takes to get your game to the next level. 

Birth Years Available - 

14U Teams - 2005-2006
12U Teams - 2007-2008

Price - 

Tournament Team Player - $595
Practice Player - $450

Price Includes - 
The price includes for all players the on and off-ice development and practice jersey. The tournament players also recieve RMHS Select Custom game jerseys and socks. All tournaments fees, travel cost, extra. 

Tryouts Dates & Locations - 


Sample Practice Plan - (Practice Dates soon TBA for all three teams)Saturdays - 
11-12:00pm - On-Ice 
12:15-12:45pm - Lunch
12:45-1:45pm - Off-Ice Training
1:45-2:15pm - Classroom
3:00-4:00pm - On-Ice

Sundays - 
9:00-10:00am - On-Ice 
10:15-11:15am - Off-Ice Training

2018 RMHS Selects Team Weekend Schedules - 
2019 RMHS Selects Spring Dates Coming Soon...

RMHS Selects 14U - 

4.14.2018 & 4.21.2018 Edge Ice Arena 7:30am & 11:30am
4.15.2018 & 4.22.2018 Edge Ice Arena 7:30am & 10:30am
5.5.2018 Stephen C. West Ice Arena 10:15am & 4:00pm
5.6.2018 Stephen C. West Ice Arena 10:00am
5.12.2018 Edge Ice Arena 11:30am & 12:45pm
5.13.2018 Edge Ice Arena 11:15am & 1:45pm

RMHS Selects 12U 

April 14, 21, 28 - May 5 - 14U Stephen C West Ice Arena 10:15am & 4:00pm
April 14, 21, 28 - May 5 - 12U Stepen C West Ice Arena 11:30am & 5:15pm
April 15, 21, 29 - May 6- 14U Stephen C West Ice Arena 10:00am
April 15, 21, 29 - May 6 - 12U Stephen C West Ice Arena 11:15am
May 12 & 13 - 14U  Edge Ice Arena 11:30am & 12:45pm
May 12 - 12U Edge Ice Arena TBA
May 13 - 12U Edge Ice Arena 12:30-1:30pm

RMHS Selects mountain teams are in partnership with Summit Youth Hockey & Mountain Militia Hockey


Please Note - Tournament Team and Practice players have to pay for all their travel and lodging to and from practices. The tournament team players will also have to pay for airfare to and from tournament, team hotel cost, team meals during tournament, and coaches travel stipend to be determined.  The tournament we will be playing in requires all participants to stay in sponsored hotels. 

Players will be required to arrive on May 17th and schedule return flights late afternoon or early evening on May 20th. All players must travel with a family member or guardian.