RMHS Selects James Dahlen

This is my personal page, it is designed to help me raise money for a trip to Engelberg, Switzerland that I have been invited to attend with the CSCS Selects Hockey Team. We will compete against top European teams, and enjoy seeing a different part of the world.  As a little kid, a few of my friends played hockey. My dad, who grew up in Florida, had no plans to get me involved with the sport. However, I attended my friend’s practices and games and instantly fell in love with the sport.
My parents signed me up for skating lessons and during the first practice, I cried because I couldn’t skate. I stuck with it and have now played for more than 8 years.

Hockey has not only filled up my free time and forced my parents to drive me far and wide to different rinks, but it has shaped me into the young man I am today. Many of my most important life lessons have come from my great coaches along the way. I’ve become an athlete, a teammate, and a leader

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