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Welcome to the RMHS official website sponsored by Easton Hockey, Gatorade, Advocare, Wyndam Vacations, Players Bench, Breckenridge Hospitality, & affiliated with several Junior, AAA, College, and Professional Hockey Programs.
Please take a look at our website very carefully as there is a ton of great information you will find. On top of any of the pages you will find our master links about all of the programs that we offer. All of those pages you will find links to left of the page that explain in further details each program we have to offer. Rocky Mountain Hockey Schools offers Skill Development Day Camps, Adventure Resident Hockey Camps, and European Hockey Tours.

The RMHS Staff is always learning new ways to coach the players and families that we interact with. Check out the Coaches Corner link at the top of any page. You will find articles, tips, drills, and much more that we feel we like to pass on to coaches and players. 
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The Rocky Mountain Hockey Schools coaches really connect with the kids.  They pay attention to details, correct mechanics, and don’t just run the kids through drills to get them tired.  They actually pay attention to every skater during every drill to ensure they are mechanically sound, and get the kids to rise to their potential.  I think the reason why the quality and attention to detail are so awesome is, actual RMHS staff run the camps themselves, they don’t fleece it out and hire local D2 and D3 players to run the camps for them, so they can run fifty camps a summer to turn a massive profit.
-Kevin Tye, President, Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association


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